A stable Internet connection has become the most important part of our lives now, more than ever. The need for this service is only going to increase by the year. To increase the utility of the Internet Connection that you’re now currently using we’ve got some tips.

The steps to boost your internet connection speed:

1. PICK A PROPER WIFI ROUTER: With our laptops and mobile phones working in tandem, a WIFI router is a must have option to experience the true wireless internet connection. There are still certain factors to take into consideration when buying a router for yourself. There were previous times when only few devices were connected to the router at your home but now the laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs are also connected to the same device, so to avoid bottleneck get yourself a Dual Band (2.4 GHz and 5GHz enabled) router to deliver maximum speeds.

2. FINDING THAT SWEET SPOT: Placing the router at the correct place where the signals can be distributed evenly across all the corners of your home or workspace is very important, as obstructions to the signals can mean reduced speed of the connection. The recommended place to keep is out in the open or mount it at the wall and not behind your sofa set.

3.  CONNECT AS YOU REQUIRE: In typical household all person’s devices are now connected to the WIFI router at the same time starting from a kid’s tablet to a mother’s smartphone, these can overwhelm the internet speeds that are delivered to you. We have a solution to that, using our connection will deliver you with the fastest speeds at all the time irrespective of the number of devices that are connected to your router.

4. STOP SHARING PASSWORDS: To save yourself from your Data-mooching neighbours and friends, do not tend to give away passwords at every opportunity. If you have already done something like that then make sure to keep changing your password regularly so that prying people are out. There is another way with which you can safeguard yourself from anyone accessing your router, that is through Disabling SSID broadcast. This method doesn’t let anyone detect your router’s name unless they type out the name and password manually which is something that can’t be attempted without facing difficulties. The router with WPA2 protection is also much more secure in terms of breaking in.

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Monday, December 13, 2021

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