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What is the Service Cancellation Policy
What is the refund policy
Service activation time
I am not getting promised speed after changing my plan?
I want to know my outstanding amount.
Where can I pay my bill?
I want to understand about late payment charges
I want separate bills for my accounts
I need my statement of accounts.
I want to change my bill mode.
I have not received my bill
What forms of payment are accepted?
I have not received my bill
Is a contract required?
What happens if I move? Do I have to pay another installation fee?
Money was deducted from my account, but the recharge failed.
I want to buy broadband connection for home.
Documents required to buy broadband.
Microtalk Service Reliability
Does unlimited data mean unlimited?
I want to know my current bill plan
I want to change my bill plan.
I want to view available bill plans
I want to understand my bill
I have not received any payment confirmation.
Why has my bill hiked?
I was charged excess payment
I want to cancel/modify my standing instructions.
I want to change my email id
Want to change my profile details
I want to activate static IP
I want to reactivate my connection
What if I want to take multiple broadband connections?
Can I use more than one desktop computer or laptop at my home/business?
How much does it cost to get the service installed?
Do I own the equipment once I pay the installation fee?
When is my monthly payment due?
What is broadband?
What are the main benefits of broadband?