How to Avoid Slow Wi-Fi Speed

The Internet is major part of our lives now. Its usage is not limited into working, studying or entertainment. Now It is a market place as well as and even we pay our bills at the comfort of our homes. 

The internet is playing a very important role in our daily lives and no one wants to deal with any kind of glitches. Even with best broadband, you still find that you can’t catch a signal in certain corners of your home. Here are some tricks that will help you tackle the problem.

Get a Router that Matches Your Desired Speeds

If you really want to enjoy your internet connection to the fullest, it is important to make sure that your router is capable of delivering the right kind of speed. Check out the table below to know the details:

Keep Your Router Updated

Rebooting can save your connection from freeloaders all around, it becomes very important for your security and privacy. Along with that, securing your network with a strong password and changing it often also helps. 

Find the Right Space for Your Router

The placement of router is a important part in getting better coverage. Place the router high above the ground and try to keep it in the middle of your home and away from walls, metal objects and electronic devices as they can interfere with your connection's frequency.

Experience Great Speeds Always

Your will not get slower speeds unless you have crossed your FUP limit or the connection is being divided among multiple devices connected.

Connect to Devices Smartly

High-speed internet connections need high-end devices that are compatible with them. Your device should supports 5 GHz band. If you still get slow speeds, then check it by connecting the LAN cable to your laptop.

Do Effective Speed Tests

Whenever you are doing a speed test from your device close all other online activities, disconnect all other devices from the Wi-Fi and choose the nearest server, so that Speed test can use the entire bandwidth available to you. 

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Friday, December 10, 2021

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