In this era of our lives everything around the world is becoming fast paced, so why should our internet connections be of any exception? The real problem is solved by optical Fiber Internet connection. This means that the traditional internet connectivities are getting obsolete and they are reshaped in the form of High-Speed Internet connection.

In this article we shall talk about the Fiber optic cable fundamentals and how they work to serve you better.


A large number of small fiber cables form into one to become an Optic Fiber, which is so thin that it is one-tenths the size of an actual human hair. They are still capable of sending huge amount of information with maximum efficiency.


The fiber is made of two parts

1. Core: This is consisted of glass and it forms the inner part of the fiber, it is through the core from where all the information is passed on.

2. Cladding: This part is thicker in comparison to the core; it winds the core completely and it is also made of glass.

The information is passed through the glass parts by the help of a physical phenomenon called Total Internal Reflection, where if light strikes at a certain angle, then the total ray of light is reflected back. This causes no loss in information transfer as the light ray is repeatedly bounced back and forth by the glass core and the glass cladding around the core. This effect is integral to the passing of information, so as a measure to ensure there is no deviation from this process another glass layer is wrapped around the cladding so that no light escapes the optical fiber.


There are mainly three types of fiber optic connections which are:

1. FTTH: Fiber to the Home, in this type of connection there is no inclusion of copper cables in reaching the connection to the customer’s home. These types of connections tend to be costly.

2. FTTB: This type of fiber internet is sent through copper lines and these are mostly installed in the apartment buildings, schools and colleges.

3. FTTO: This form of internet is also called INTERNET LEASED LINE. This is the most reliable form of internet connection as there are no intermediaries to the connection as it is transferred directly from the ISP to the point of connection. These are very secure form of connection as they are mostly used by businesses and organisations.

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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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