Consider the 5 points before purchasing ILL

ILL offers the same uploading & downloading speed to the user.

We know about normal broadband services, but everyone is using the same. It reduces speed when everyone is trying to connect to the same internet.

Businesses need high-speed stable internet to operate their work smoothly. It is capable to download and upload a large file in a short time.

Nowadays we very much rely on the internet. We can not afford a slow connection or losing signal every day or hour. We need a proper dedicated network system which will be a focus on your business only. It will give you a stable connection at a pick hour of uses with a sure short stable internet connection. ILL offer all features.

Five-point need to consider before setting up an ILL network.

  1. Are you using ADSL line till now?

ADSL line is a basic set up of an internet broadband connection and a basic one. It is connected via a copped connection. Copper wire’s data-carrying speed is very less, also it is unable to provide a wide bandwidth. It is more suitable for single one-handed home users. Who doesn’t have to connect too many devices at a time? 

But for a business, it is obvious that they have to share a large file simultaneously. They need a huge bandwidth to download and upload files. ILL equipped with fibre optic cable. Which send data at a lightning speed.

2. Security

Copper wire transfer analogue signal which is not end-to-end encrypted. Data losses are also a big concern in the copper wire. Data packet losses are negligible with ILL because it uses optical fibre cable.

3. There are 3 types of ILL network is available on the market.

A. Full fibre cable- A fibre optic cable is in between ISP and the user of the internet. It gives the user the most high-speed connection. It can carry 1Gbps speed. It can go up to 10 Gbps. It is the most expensive, secure, provides a high-speed connection.

B. Ethernet broadband- It is based on copper wire. But speed is much superior to a normal ADSL network. It is used where we can not provide fibre-optic connection.

C. Ethernet over FTTC- It is basically a combination of both. Fibre optic from the

4. Use VoIP- When your business needs to do lots of calls. VoIP call gives a shameless connection. It reduces phone bill. In this case, low latency helps a lot. Which can be achieved through an ILL network. It also support soft call.

5. Increase connection speed in future- Can you increase your connection speed in future? Whenever you need greater speed. Can your ISP provide that kind of speed?

Getting a fair price on ILL is a big concern-

Different company’s need is different. You have to understand your need for speed. Some ISP gives low speed at a high cost. Because their reach is not that much greater to give you a bulk connection at a less cost.

If you are from Kolkata, I know an ISP who gives great speed at an affordable cost. You can check microtalk broadband

Friday, November 19, 2021

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