6 Important Points You Should Keep in Mind Before Placing Your Wi-Fi Router

The Internet is major part of our lives now. Its usage is not limited into working, studying or entertainment. Now It is a market place as well as and even we pay our bills at the comfort of our homes. 

The internet is playing a very important role in our daily lives and no one wants to deal with any kind of glitches. Even with best broadband, you still find that you can’t catch a signal in certain corners of your home. 

Let us get our facts right, the strength of your Wi-Fi signal is hugely dependent on the router placement. So, choosing the right spot to place your router can be as equally important as choosing which router to buy. Some minor adjustments in the router placement, can help you get rid of your Wi-Fi woes:

  1. Centralize Router Location: To increase coverage area, try to place your router in the middle of your home and enjoy even distribution of signal strength across all rooms.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Range: The router should always be placed in a spot where you can see it,. People are forced to install their routers in the room where wireline connection comes into their house irrespective of where they actually need it. If it is possible, place your router as close to the users. Placing the router in plain sight can boost its signal by 2x.

  •  Concrete Walls, Floors & Metal Objects are Enemies: All these three are known to interfere with wireless signals, the closer your router is to any of these, slower your Wi-Fi signal strength will be. Thick walls are one of the reasons why you get weak signal inside rooms. While it is unavoidable to get rid of all three, you need to select a spot with least interference. You can choose a spot by reducing the number of walls the signal has to cross, avoid placing it near any metal objects especially a microwave or TV or cordless phone base station or even a metal door.

4. The Higher The Better:Wi-Fi signals go down as well as up, so if you put it on the floor, a proportion of the signal will traverse down. So avoid putting it on the floor. It is better to put the router higher.

5. Antenna Position is Critical: For a better horizontal reach, position your router's antenna slightly upwards or sideways for vertical reach. One common thing to remember is to not put the antenna in the direction of a wall or other obstacle and do not position the antenna at 90 degrees. The recommended angle is between 45 to 60 degrees

6. Understanding the Technology: Wi-Fi router delivers wireless internet to devices using radio waves and manages the network traffic. This is just like tuning in to your favourite FM radio station, where you cannot connect if the radio signal is weak because you are out of range.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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